Society made me believe that Black love only comes in one form

Society made me believe that Black love only comes in one form

That Black love can’t be a man & man or woman & woman or trans & trans or even a love between two that don’t identify with society’s pronouns

We place boundaries on love

Who do we think we are?

We made it seems as if we could measure love with our mediocre minds that society has the key to

Black Queen & Black King

Not fit for another Black Queen or Black King

In fear of losing my crown because of my idea to live freely

Racing to find a safe place & an ally in a culture that frowns down on different sexualities

Black and White, Yes or No, No in Between

But why?

Praying for the souls of rapists, molesters & pedophiles but left out a prayer for me

Too good Black folk

Too “Christian” Black folk

Too busy trying to find stones to throw , yet your hands are bleeding from the jagged edges of those stones, nobody is perfect

You stepped on my lawn, peered your eyes through my window, and picked out my “imperfections” as if you’re blemish free

Yes, I have many flaws, but loving freely isn’t one of them

Who are you tell me otherwise?

Did your God send a message through you to condemn all man?

Because my God forgives and I forgive you too

Homosexuality is so taboo

To you

Before you fix your lips to tell me I’m going to hell, take a look in the mirror

Breathe & exhale

Cover up those scars fam, you ain’t no saint

On your knees in church on Sunday but not showing God through you to other’s who ain’t

Turn your nose down fam

We all got a stench

Clasp your hands together and try to include me in your prayer

However, keep your prayer if it’s just trying to “cleanse” me

Sexuality is fluid, and no matter what you say it’s not something we choose

It’s not a fad

I’ve prayed for God to take demons away that weren’t there due to fear of being judged by you

I pray for your soul, even if my name never makes your list

Our God is the same, hypocrite


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