So there’s this guy
He’s been blackballed in our family systems, yet he’s smiling, playing with his baby’s fingers, showing the true definition of strength, melanin glistening from his skin 
Some of us have real images of him, some of us make this moment up in our head, but it’s all still the same
Black father, Baby Daddy, King
We love you
We need you
We appreciate you
You don’t get enough credit
They say, “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.
We’ve taken on this saying and applied it to your situation as if it’s applicable
But, it’s not
If anything, the amazing fathers I see bring that batch back to life
See you, you are the apple of your child’s eye
They need you
You help mold them into something that mothers can’t create
Even as amazing as mothers may be
Don’t worry about the many told lies
They paint this image of you that we know aren’t true
Got mother’s celebrating Father’s Day when this day is supposed to belong to you
The many Black single fathers picking up where estranged mothers left off
Struggling to make ends meet
Hustling, I see you hustling
I commend you, even if that hustle includes the streets
See, you don’t get enough credit
The world has taken away the appeal of a Black man actually doing what he’s supposed to do
Got us all applauding like seals in the circus when a poppin’ Black father pushes through
I’m sick of feeling as if I’m doing back flips from joy when I see a Black father being what he’s SUPPOSED to 
Its not as rare as the world makes us think
Black Fathers Rock, and yes I’m talking about you
Thank you for fighting the system
Thank you for being a King
Thank you for taking care of your family
Thank you for making a way
Thank you to the father figures who step in as well, you don’t get enough
Thank you for being that apple in the batch that may be rotting from the pressures of the world
Yet, you hold on strong to make the others even stronger
I’ll say it again for the people in the back
We love you
We appreciate you
And dammit, we need you
Even if the world tries to give us this distorted image of Black fatherhood, we celebrate you
And for the Black fathers who folded and couldn’t become a diamond from that pressure…
You were still a lesson in a child’s life, and they will be a better parent than you
Happy Fathers Day


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