White People, I Don’t Hate You

White people
I don’t hate you
That would take too much power
Power that I could be using to rebuild the communities you poured hate into
This isn’t a “Dear White People” type of piece either
See they only scratched the surface
Made jokes about how you hurt us
I’m just angry because you have tried for so long to make me feel inferior to you that I’m fighting every day to make sure you know I’m not
I’m angry because that fight takes so much out of me that I’m not able to be truly happy with who I am
I walk around with this Black Girl Magic , still looking for my wand to show the world just what this black girl can do
You stole a piece of me
You took a part of me that I didn’t even know I needed until I got to this place and felt something missing
My self love, which turns into a hatred for you that I try to compensate with kind words to you because I grew up with my mom saying, “Not all white people are the same.”
But what did you hear?
Did your parents tell you that not all of us are a threat?
Did your parents tell you that we all come in different shades, sizes, and backgrounds that determine who we are?
Did they tell you that your ancestors held us captive as slaves and that one day you would be telling your child to tell another black person to, “Get over it.
It’s a cycle that I didn’t know existed until I got older and realized my black skin would be a barrier I had no control over
And that it would be too late for the, “Black Girls Rock” for me to see that I am truly a Queen
And that reality tv would be the predecessor of my success before anybody got to know, me
And that if I talk with “too much” sass I would come off aggressive
And that when I walk in a room as a minority, the majority, although clearly the MAJORITY would feel like I was a threat to them, silly me
But little ol’ me was just in this mindset where I thought I could succeed
And little ol’ me was never taught to be scared of white people until I realized we were being slaughtered by white people
Not given the same rights as white people
Being killed and not given the same trials as white people
Struggling to find the beauty in my skin because of what they’ve embedded within
And even if you didn’t personally hold the whip that beat my ancestors back
The wealth your bloodline sits upon shows your play in it
So no, I won’t get over, “it”
And deep down I know, as J Cole said, “ain’t no gun they make that could kill my soul.”
Our soul
It rises above the trials and tribulations
The definition of strength
And like I said before, I don’t hate you
I just hate what you’ve done
You made me second guess my greatness and what I can become
But like K.Dot said, “We gon’ be alright.”
And this self love thing is just another one we’ll overcome



They have succeeded in making us hate ourselves

I know, I know it’s hard. I know, I know they say we need to, “get over it” and move on. I know, I know it can be tough to look down at your skin and wonder why God gave you this “burden.” I know, I know you were taught to hate and bring down your own brother and sister because they’re a “threat” to you and your survival. I know, I know they made you hate yourself so you’re unable to love others. I know, I know …

Take the power back

We have to change the narrative. We have to take the power back. Our greatness is seen as a threat so they made us hate each other so we wouldn’t succeed. Do you know how amazing you are? Do you know how wonderfully you are made? Do you understand how creative you are? “They love our culture, but they don’t love us.” Goodness, I get chills thinking about how great it is to get up in the morning and know someone was so threatened by my greatness that they decided to devise a plan. A plan so intricate that it could last hundreds of years. But you know what? They can’t stop the love, the community, the creativity, the village. No matter how hard they try, we still thrive. We’re still resilient. And yes, there’s still SO much more work to be done, SO much more we have to do to insure future generations thrive and not go through what our ancestors went through, and what we still go through. 
I get so happy thinking about the groups of colored people who support each other wholeheartedly. For example, a group called DMVYBP, which consists of Young Black Professionals in the DMV area, has shown me there’s still some great genuine people out there. There’s no need to compete with each other to get to where we’re going, that’s a mindset we have to throw out completely. We need to uplift each other and move forward. If we got together to make a change, more effective work would be accomplished. We keep re-inventing the wheel because everybody wants to be that person to get the credit, without realizing the bigger picture. It’s okay to play the background, as long as you know your purpose and you’re actually making a difference, who cares?
Also, SUPPORT YOUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS, stop this, “Can I get a deal?” nonsense. No, you can’t get a t-shirt for free. No, you can’t get a discount, stop it.
​This process of taking our power back won’t happen overnight, but we have to start somewhere. We have to move forward strategically and with love for ourselves so we can then love one another. I love you, and you were carefully made with no mistakes. No matter what you have heard, what you have been through, what they say about you, hold your head high… I know, I know they’re trying to stop you, but keep pushing. I know you got this.