How can we scream equality when we don’t even support each other?

How can we scream equality when we don’t even support each other?

Afraid to scratch the person’s back in front of you for fear of not getting anything in return

Wanting to be the person acknowledged for the idea when we’re supposed to care about the people we’re doing it for

I’m guilty of it too, had many conversations that turned to arguments because I wanted the credit more than I cherished the friendship

Forgetting the bigger picture and why I’m in this

So many entrepreneurs doing the same damn thing

Competing against each other instead of putting brains together to make a difference

Not challenging themselves which causes the end result to be weak

How many companies put money towards the same mission because they’d rather the competition?

When essentially money is just another weapon they taught to keep us separated as if we were in India with a caste system

So much talent, so many ideas…. just thrown away

Afraid to share our gifts for fear of hearing, “They a fake!”

So much potential, yet not letting others, “Ride our wave

Over thinking, watering down our ideas and not taking chances

When in reality we could easily fit our brother/sister on that podium with us

We act like Rose with the geometry and don’t pull Jack up with us

Let’s call it, The Rose Complex

Rather see others ideas fade in the background, not wanting to share the spotlight

Letting their dreams die when it would help keep ours alive

I’ve been learning that when I’m confident in myself, there’s no reason to feel such negativity

I refuse to let their dreams drown

I promised myself that when I make it, I’m leaving nobody behind

Won’t ever forget that promise, the true definition of lifting as I climb