The tools of the cowards
I can’t stand for this issue because xyz
Making excuses as if movements don’t happen in numbers
The front line surely isn’t for everyone but does that mean silence is the answer?
Surely not
The world needs Black people
The economy needs Black people
We allow others to be a martyr for our cause but don’t back them up
This is bigger than Colin Kaepernick
Bigger than your season tickets or NFL League Pass you purchased on television
For the people giving big names excuses for not stepping up
Where do you stand?
Or does the white man got your tongue?
He cut your legs off by your knees?
The knees Kaepernick bent to try and make a better place for you and I?
The sacrifices he knowingly and unknowingly brought upon himself for equality
You can’t expect all these people to take a stand, they have a family
What good is raising a brown family when your innocent son or daughter can be shot in cold blood without the appropriate consequences
We wait, we feel disconnected when the Sandra Bland is not our family member or friend
We wait…
We feel disconnected when the John Crawford III isn’t our family member or friend
When will the sacrifice be seen as more than money and less about just feeling uncomfortable?
Us boycotting the NFL won’t make a change
Worried about making money in fantasy drafts …
Living in a fantasy world where your life is worth less than a dog
Really sit and think about the impact we can make
The power of word of mouth and the stance we all need to take
Stop making excuses it won’t get us nowhere
If there’s no signing of Colin Kaepernick then I don’t care
So many Black players, no Black owners
Slavery at it’s finest
They control the money, so we feel they “own” us


White People, I Don’t Hate You

White people
I don’t hate you
That would take too much power
Power that I could be using to rebuild the communities you poured hate into
This isn’t a “Dear White People” type of piece either
See they only scratched the surface
Made jokes about how you hurt us
I’m just angry because you have tried for so long to make me feel inferior to you that I’m fighting every day to make sure you know I’m not
I’m angry because that fight takes so much out of me that I’m not able to be truly happy with who I am
I walk around with this Black Girl Magic , still looking for my wand to show the world just what this black girl can do
You stole a piece of me
You took a part of me that I didn’t even know I needed until I got to this place and felt something missing
My self love, which turns into a hatred for you that I try to compensate with kind words to you because I grew up with my mom saying, “Not all white people are the same.”
But what did you hear?
Did your parents tell you that not all of us are a threat?
Did your parents tell you that we all come in different shades, sizes, and backgrounds that determine who we are?
Did they tell you that your ancestors held us captive as slaves and that one day you would be telling your child to tell another black person to, “Get over it.
It’s a cycle that I didn’t know existed until I got older and realized my black skin would be a barrier I had no control over
And that it would be too late for the, “Black Girls Rock” for me to see that I am truly a Queen
And that reality tv would be the predecessor of my success before anybody got to know, me
And that if I talk with “too much” sass I would come off aggressive
And that when I walk in a room as a minority, the majority, although clearly the MAJORITY would feel like I was a threat to them, silly me
But little ol’ me was just in this mindset where I thought I could succeed
And little ol’ me was never taught to be scared of white people until I realized we were being slaughtered by white people
Not given the same rights as white people
Being killed and not given the same trials as white people
Struggling to find the beauty in my skin because of what they’ve embedded within
And even if you didn’t personally hold the whip that beat my ancestors back
The wealth your bloodline sits upon shows your play in it
So no, I won’t get over, “it”
And deep down I know, as J Cole said, “ain’t no gun they make that could kill my soul.”
Our soul
It rises above the trials and tribulations
The definition of strength
And like I said before, I don’t hate you
I just hate what you’ve done
You made me second guess my greatness and what I can become
But like K.Dot said, “We gon’ be alright.”
And this self love thing is just another one we’ll overcome


So there’s this guy
He’s been blackballed in our family systems, yet he’s smiling, playing with his baby’s fingers, showing the true definition of strength, melanin glistening from his skin 
Some of us have real images of him, some of us make this moment up in our head, but it’s all still the same
Black father, Baby Daddy, King
We love you
We need you
We appreciate you
You don’t get enough credit
They say, “One bad apple spoils the whole bunch.
We’ve taken on this saying and applied it to your situation as if it’s applicable
But, it’s not
If anything, the amazing fathers I see bring that batch back to life
See you, you are the apple of your child’s eye
They need you
You help mold them into something that mothers can’t create
Even as amazing as mothers may be
Don’t worry about the many told lies
They paint this image of you that we know aren’t true
Got mother’s celebrating Father’s Day when this day is supposed to belong to you
The many Black single fathers picking up where estranged mothers left off
Struggling to make ends meet
Hustling, I see you hustling
I commend you, even if that hustle includes the streets
See, you don’t get enough credit
The world has taken away the appeal of a Black man actually doing what he’s supposed to do
Got us all applauding like seals in the circus when a poppin’ Black father pushes through
I’m sick of feeling as if I’m doing back flips from joy when I see a Black father being what he’s SUPPOSED to 
Its not as rare as the world makes us think
Black Fathers Rock, and yes I’m talking about you
Thank you for fighting the system
Thank you for being a King
Thank you for taking care of your family
Thank you for making a way
Thank you to the father figures who step in as well, you don’t get enough
Thank you for being that apple in the batch that may be rotting from the pressures of the world
Yet, you hold on strong to make the others even stronger
I’ll say it again for the people in the back
We love you
We appreciate you
And dammit, we need you
Even if the world tries to give us this distorted image of Black fatherhood, we celebrate you
And for the Black fathers who folded and couldn’t become a diamond from that pressure…
You were still a lesson in a child’s life, and they will be a better parent than you
Happy Fathers Day


A Tribute to the Black Queens & Kings Who Serve/Served AmeriKKKa,

We sacrifice for this country
Our family’s heart beating fast whenever there’s talk of war 
Then we come home and our skin doesn’t get us the respect we deserve
We die for this country
And this country turns around and kills us on “our” own soil
We fight for others to live peacefully in this country 
Then turn around and can’t find peace in this country
We come home needing counseling for this country
Gun shots in our neighborhood taking us back to the war we fought for this country
Can’t run from the demons in our head because of this country
We celebrate Memorial Day for ourselves because we know we’re already dead in this country
While away fighting a war that isn’t ours to keep our family safe
We know there’s still a war at home in this country
One we can’t run from, one we can’t win
Thinking of the many brown men and women who have died for this country
Bodies sent back in body bags with the same resemblance of Tamir Rice in this country
ManF this Country
Gonna tell me this man got fired due to a fallacy just so he can walk away free in this country?
Yet a 12 old boy gets killed in cold blood, there’s no justice, you see?
AmeriKKKa, you aren’t fooling me
Got my people fighting for this country but you won’t even fight for me
Oh AmeriKKKa, Oh AmeriKKKa God shed his grace on thee
Because the moment we all rise up, you’re gonna need that blessing, trust me
The hatred you instilled in our hearts against one another is slowly decreasing
As more of us continue to spread light & love to one another
You’ll no longer hold a grasp on thee
I salute all the Black Queens and Kings who have sacrificed their life for me
I’ll appreciate you more than this country ever could
And I know we aren’t free, so those words I’ll never sing
But your duty doesn’t go unnoticed, at least not from me

For The Non Melanin Holders at the Table my Ancestors Built

I’m black enough to say how I feel when you disrespect me
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to hustle and get mine because this country has taken so much from me and my ancestors
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to be scared when getting pulled over by the cops so I question their motives
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to understand you see me as a threat because you’re brainwashed
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to scream and march for injustices
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to question you when something doesn’t seem right about the process you’re putting me through
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to run away scared because your people are killing us like animals
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to drive backwards in the street because I’m scared
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to blast my music in the car with my friends
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to wear a hoody everyday, as if it’s attached to my skin
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m so black that I can’t hide it
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to know my roots AND my rights
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to self educate
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to uplift MY community
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to be proud of my black skin even when I’ve been told I should be ashamed
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
I’m black enough to wear my afro, my locs and my curls
But that doesn’t mean I’m a threat to you
The same way I self educate myself, I wish you would too…
You would see the beauty in my people, the things we’ve been through beyond the scripted shows
Then, you could see too
I’m no threat to you