Hashtags, they come faster than a virgin boy when a Black person dies

But the anger we feel disappears like a White lady swinging her bag to the other side when we walk by

I waited days to read your story because I know it’ll end the same

Cops walk away free? That’s the name of the game

It began with the same cycle, your face scattered everywhere I look 

And I don’t blame my people because it’s now instinct to grab a phone instead of grabbing a book

And no, books aren’t bulletproof but they would have prepared you for this fight

Takes more than yelling on social media, saying this ain’t right 

And after finishing Seven Seconds I realize not even television can give us a fairy tale ending

What makes Brenton different from Stephon, Stephon different from Michael, Michael different from Sandra, Sandra different from Tamir, Tamir different from Jordan, Jordan different from Trayvon, Trayvon different from Korryn, Korryn different from Eric, Eric different from Philando and dammit we know the list goes on, because Philando wasn’t no different from Alton

It takes less than a second to decide to shoot their gun

As Black people you can’t even tell us not to run

While Dylan gets taken to Burger King, “Uhh, Can I have a Number 1?”

We can’t wait for Amerika to place value on our bodies

Seven seconds to 20 minutes, 20 bullets to two hands

Another Tragedy, Another Riot, Another Forgotten Black Body, Another Hashtag …


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