Selective Boycotting

Black people

It seems like you caught a case of selective boycotting

You know, like selective memory when ya moms told you to clean the house but you only cleaned the dishes

Selecting the things that benefit you and so quickly forgetting the full picture

I cannot take you serious

Instead of boycotting blatant racism, you jump on the bandwagon from a poorly used image

Taking apologies from these billion dollar companies while they still laughin and callin you a nigga

Man please

Selective boycotting, ah you caught a case of it I tell you

Boycotting only because it offended you but don’t boycott for marginalized groups that need it too

Wanna scream Black Lives Matter but leave out certain groups

Wanna fight for certain rights, but only ones that benefit you

If you’re offended, I’m clearly looking at you

You make me laugh

You make me sad

You make me angry

Stop picking and choosing your battles solely based on the decision of the masses

Still walking around wearing clothes from the brands who got you bowing down calling them master

I commend you, but at the same time some of ya’ll just lookin like some asses

Throw your whole purpose away, cuz you know next month you gonna forget the last one


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